The Myth About CO2

Okay, let’s talk CO2, shall we? Many of you may be wondering what the hell is going on when you hear lawmakers like Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and Utah State Representative Jerry Anderson say that we could actually use more CO2 in our atmosphere. They say this almost as if scientists and researchers have been, and have some motivation to continue lying to the world. But let’s be clear here, this is flawed theory; and you can’t bolster flawed theory.

Before getting into the science behind the claims, I want to take a quick second to look at those bringing up the idea. To be honest with you, Mr. Anderson of Utah should know better. He has a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Biology. But let’s not forget that he is a nearing 80 years old, has been out of the realm of research for over 30 years, he believes in magic underwear and he does not understand the value of a good beer or glass of wine after a hard day of work.

Ms. Blackburn has a Bachelor’s degree in Home Economics, so at the very least, her opinion of CO2 is not necessarily all that valuable. I’m not sure what valuable knowledge that kind of degree really does equip her with. The other thing is that they are claiming in essence, that the majority of scientists and researchers over the last half century have been lying. It is this author’s opinion that politicians have a far more documented history of lying, or speaking about things they know nothing of, in order to achieve some objective.

That being said, let’s not dabble anymore into politicians and their motives, so we can get into a subject with some actual substance. Let’s talk about the science behind it. After all, there is some real science behind the claims, and we are about to unravel that…

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