The Science Behind the CO2Myth

The fact is, there is a little bit of scientific fact that would back this claim up. Scientifically speaking, plants need CO2 to grow. That is one of two necessities for plant growth, the other being H2O (water). And in fact, there are experiments that have been conducted in controlled conditions that would indicate that some plants grow more robustly when experiencing elevated CO2 levels. So, with that ammunition, some people began propagating the BS that we could use more CO2 in our atmosphere. These claims simply show the reason, foresight and cognitive ability of a four year old. After all, if it’s good, keep doing it, right?

When you hurt your back, you may take a pain killer. Well, one makes you feel better, so how about 100? That might do just a little more than kill your pain, maybe.

How about those six beers? Those were pretty good, you feel pretty good. You should have six more. That always has good consequences, right?

And of course, there’s the good old cup-cake. I love cup-cakes. But, what happens when you just keep eating them?

I’ll take the last analogy there, and continue in a less sarcastic manner. So you’ve eaten a lot of cup-cakes over the years. You’ve gained weight. If you pay attention to it, you’ll realize that for the first little bit, the more you ate the bigger you got. There was a point though, where you reached your maximum. Or at least you began to accumulate weight at a significantly slower rate. You reached a limit where you physically cannot get bigger. Furthermore, as a result of your size, other parts of your body are significantly affected, and none in a good way. The same thing happens with plants.

The following section will break it down into a few individual considerations that our skeptics fail to consider. Each one of these points is enough to single handedly destroy the theory of our politician friends, but what the hell, let’s do what they do and beat the dead horse.

Why We Shouldn't Listen
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